Tour Packages Detail

JT2: Trip to elephant camp (2 Day trip)


Tour Code: JT2: Trip to elephant camp (2 Day trip) Duration: 2 Day Highlight

JT2 is more pleasurable and more time in the jungle with elephants, especially for children.

Itinerary Day 1:

- leave Taungoo in the morning around 8:00 am

- drive (2hr) to elephant camp

- visit villages and sightseeing on the way (1hr)

- lunch at elephant camp

- elephant ride in the afternoon for about 1 hour before sun set

- dinner at elephant camp

- overnight at the camp.

Day 2:

- get up early morning (6am) and follow the elephant master (Oo Zi) to chase his elephant which was freed into the jungle for the whole night (optional)

- learn how elephants are working for the logging process

- have lunch at the base camp

- drive back to Taungoo (2hr) in the afternoon

- arrive Taungoo around 4-5 pm

Working elephant camps are moving from one place to another from time to time. Hence, tour itenerary may be changed according to different conditions.



Dos and don’ts for overnight visitors


We are visiting working elephant camps for one or more overnight and please let us ask you the followings:

  1. Please pack a small bag just for visiting days.
  2. Things you would need are: torch light, insect repellent, long shirt and long trousers, tooth brush, etc. In rainy season, please bring one extra pair of dry clothes which has to be left on the car.
  3. Good trekking shoes for elephant work, trekking or elephant ride and sandals to walk through water or visiting in village.
  4. We will sleep in a very simple bamboo hut. We will provide beds, mosquito net, pillow, blanket, etc.
  5. If you want shower, you can have it but it would be in public. So, you should bring also clothes in which you will have shower and things to change after.
  6. Please don’t go very close to elephants without asking station guide or elephant masters.
  7. Please don’t give anything by yourself to anybody especially children you see as it would spoil their soul. If you want to give, please make sure everybody or every child have the same share. Otherwise, please give it to the teacher or the leader or the guide.