Early check-in policy

    Dear our valued customers, here is our early check-in policy:

    1. If you arrive in the morning and if the reserved room is occupied by other people in previous night, you may have to wait till they check out or check out time (12:00 noon).

    2. If the room is free, we can arrange an early check-in for you as early as 7am for free but you cannot ask for breakfast for that morning.

    3. If the room is free and if you will arrive between 4am - 7am, you can pay half price and can rest in room (breakfast included) or you can wait at the reception till 7am for free and no breakfast for that morning.

    4. If you will arrive earlier than 4am, you can stay in room for full price (with breakfast) but we cannot allow you wait at the reception for free because if we will have surprise checking by officers, we will be in problem.

    5. If you want to make reservation for early check-in, you can do it but you have to pay full price (breakfast included) as we have to leave the room empty for that night regardless of your arrival time.


    With due respect and thanks,

    Myanmar Beauty Hotel, Taungoo.